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Last Time There Was a Writers’ Strike in Hollywood 2023

Last Time There Was a Writers’ Strike in Hollywood 2024

Heres what happened last time there was a writers strike in Hollywood

Last Time There Was a Writers’ Strike in Hollywood

Last Time There Was a Writers’ Strike in Hollywood 2023 :The last writers’ strike in Hollywood lasted 100 days, severely disrupting TV networks and movie studios alike.

This time around, the WGA is asking for wage increases and a better deal for streaming residuals – fees paid when an episode of a show airs online that pale in comparison to traditional DVD residuals.

The 2007-08 Strike

During the 2007-08 strike, over 10,000 writers took a stand against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). They were dissatisfied with AMPTP’s failure to fairly compensate them for digital distribution of their work, as well as wanting new media included in the guild’s Master Agreement for DVDs and increased residuals on DVDs.

The writers’ strike was a financial catastrophe for the studios. Estimates suggest it cost the industry an estimated $2 billion, with Los Angeles being particularly hard-hit.

However, the strike also set the stage for Hollywood’s next era. It compelled studios to negotiate with the WGA, who wasn’t afraid to use its leverage to shut down production if an agreement could not be reached.

At the start of the strike, many shows were in preproduction, including blockbusters like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. While some of these shows were able to continue filming during the strike, others such as Desperate Housewives were disrupted.

One unique aspect of the 2007-08 Strike was that it marked the first major strike to take place in the digital era, creating more public support for it than previous strikes had enjoyed.

As a result, the strike drew more people to the picket lines and brought writers’ issues into the public spotlight in an unprecedented way. Additionally, it gave writers a voice they hadn’t had before, leading to some significant victories.

Many of these victories were achieved through hard work and collaboration with other unions. As a result, the 2007-08 Strike will be remembered as a time when Hollywood saw that writer’s strikes can be won when everyone works together.

Now, the WGA and AMPTP have begun negotiations for a new contract. If they cannot come to an agreement, strikes could take place in 2017. There are a few key issues that need to be resolved before such an agreement can be reached; these have yet to be identified.

The 2008 Strike

If you were watching television or a movie during the 2007-08 writers strike, then you likely remember what occurred. It was the longest work stoppage since the late 80s and cost Los Angeles’ economy an estimated $2.1 billion due to negotiations between WGA and AMPTP (the trade association responsible for Hollywood union bargaining).

In addition to a disagreement over how much royalties the Guild earned for home video, there was also talk of distribution through new media platforms such as Netflix and Amazon. These platforms have revolutionized film and TV business, creating new revenue streams which many in the WGA believe are unfair to writers.

The strike, which occurred from November 2007 to February 2008, resulted in the cancellation of several TV shows. However, some series were able to survive with less damage than others.

For instance, many reality shows – particularly those without writers – were able to continue airing without much disruption. For instance, “The Amazing Race” continued airing the same 13 episodes that would have been produced for its regular season without issue.

But even for series like “Breaking Bad,” which needed multiple screenwriters and an extended production cycle, the strike was still significant. It meant that the first season of the show couldn’t be released until September and it cut short a significant number of episodes.

Some analysts claim the strike contributed to the growth of unscripted TV, as producers were forced to take time away from their normal routines and create new material for networks. This allowed shows such as “Hot in Miami” to return with new seasons and even gain some popularity.

However, other experts believe the strike may have hindered some Hollywood productions that had been planned for years. For example, Canadian screenwriter Paul Haggis had to rush his 23rd James Bond film, Quantum of Solace, into production after it was handed in two hours before it was declared over by President Obama.

The 1981 Strike

The last writers’ strike in Hollywood had the devastating effect of shutting down the entire industry for 100 days. It cost tens of millions in lost TV advertising, caused some local business closures and left many industry employees out of work or with foreclosed homes.

Many found the strike to be incredibly demoralizing. They felt as if their labor was being exploited against them, even though there seemed little they could do about it.

At the same time, there was a growing suspicion that union leadership was seeking to undermine the strike. Not only was it an obstacle for their political status, but also an indication of President Ronald Reagan’s hardline stance against organized labor in general.

In the 1980s, organized labor made a strong stand against Reagan’s anti-union policies. Two main unions that broke ranks with Reagan – AFL-CIO and PATCO (Transport Workers Union) – both of which had headquarters in Los Angeles.

By 1981, union leaders had a clear goal in mind with their strike: to regain some ground lost during the 1970s when unions were used as political leverage against an anti-union candidate.

Negotiations focused on pay, benefits and work conditions. The writers, who represent a vast number of film and television writers, wanted to improve their salaries – particularly in regards to residuals. They wanted assurance that writing teams received equal pay as individual writers, as well as address the problem of streaming stand-up or talk shows not having minimum wages protected.

But most significantly, the writers sought to restore script parity – that is, getting paid for every episode they wrote. This meant if they wrote a show for network prime time they would get paid the same as if it had been on another daypart or even syndicated. Furthermore, they wanted standardization of teleplay minimums across all television programs.

The 1988 Strike

Not so long ago, the writers’ strike in Hollywood could have been considered one of the biggest events in television history. At that time, DVDs and the internet had just started taking off and network TV’s audience was shrinking rapidly.

In 1988, the strike at Universal Studios lasted 22 weeks and cost the industry $500 million. Additionally, it slowed down production and had other effects on the economy, such as high-end real estate which suddenly wasn’t selling as well as before the strike began.

That was the longest-running strike in Writers Guild of America history and also marked the first writers’ strike to occur online.

This strike primarily focused on writer residuals, which are payments studios and networks receive for rerun of shows on DVDs. While writers were granted some increases to these residuals, they weren’t enough to meet all their demands.

Negotiations were hindered by the writers’ demand for a formula to determine how much residuals they would receive for reruns sold on DVDs or other home media. The writers collective wanted more profits from these reruns to go to the guild instead of producers.

Due to an impasse between writers’ groups and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers over writer residuals, a strike was declared.

During the strike, many scripted television shows suffered. Shows such as Santa Barbara had difficulty keeping up with their usual pace due to having to wait long periods between episodes. Others had to eliminate filler plots in order to focus on season-ending storylines.

On the contrary, however, the strike did result in an explosion of unscripted programming. It gave birth to some of what we now refer to as reality television and also gave birth to “48 Hours” news magazines.

The strike was a major setback for broadcast television, which saw many viewers defect to cable and home video services. By the end of it all, network share of viewers had fallen below 65%.

Bayshores former snow remover says what happened is negligence

Bayshore’s Former Snow Remover Says What Happened Is Negligence

Civil litigation often revolves around negligence – the act of not doing something as a reasonable person would. This legal concept is commonly employed in personal injury or wrongful death cases.

On Thursday afternoon, a large part of Bayshore Town Center parking garage partially collapsed due to a winter storm, trapping cars and potentially leaving people stranded. Officials believe that this incident was accidental.

What Caused the Collapse?

What caused the collapse remains a mystery, though it appears snow may have contributed. A portion of the top floor of Bayshore Town Center parking garage partially collapsed Thursday, sending debris down to ground level and trapping dozens of cars inside.

Mall shoppers and employees reported hearing loud booms when the roof of the garage collapsed. North Shore Fire/Rescue Chief Robert Whitaker assured reporters that no injuries had been sustained in the crash, based on security footage showing no pedestrians were in the collapse zone when it happened.

Whitaker said he also reviewed security video from the town center and discovered no occupants of the vehicles that were crushed during the incident.

National Weather Service meteorologist Denny VanCleve states that snow can weigh up to 20 pounds per cubic foot. If it accumulates in one area, that accumulation could equal as much weight as several parked cars.

He reported that the area had received 23 inches of snow in the last month, with some areas receiving up to a foot of accumulation. He speculated that some of this snow may have been piled on top of each other on the third floor of a garage, weighing down its structure.

At least 56 vehicles were in the garage when it collapsed. Those on the bottom level have been moved, and crews are preparing equipment to move the remaining cars.

Though no one was hurt in the collapse, many are frustrated that it could take months for them to retrieve their vehicles from the rubble. That is because the only ramp into the parking structure was destroyed, and construction must now begin on a temporary ramp for those vehicles.

Mayor Bryan Kennedy reports that Bayshore officials are working closely with the mall’s security and police department to assist people in retrieving their belongings from vehicles. They urge anyone with a car stuck inside to contact Bayshore security or the Glendale police department immediately and let them know you need assistance.

What is Negligence?

If someone causes you harm and you wish to sue them, that is known as a negligence claim. Negligence can occur anywhere – at work or in public places. It’s considered a tort (legal action), with the defendant responsible for covering any damages if found at fault.

Proving negligence requires establishing all elements of the case, such as duty, breach, causation and damages. Each step is essential in establishing liability and receiving compensation for your injuries.

First, you must demonstrate that the defendant owed you a “duty of care.” This legal obligation stems from common law or custom and typically arises out of an established relationship between two parties – such as between businesses and their customers, doctors and their patients, or landlords and tenants.

Next, you need to demonstrate that the defendant “breached” their duty of care by failing to act in a reasonable and prudent manner under the circumstances. This can be an uphill battle since pinpointing exactly what went wrong and why is can be difficult.

You must demonstrate that the defendant’s breach of their duty of care caused your injuries or harm, a process known as “causation.” However, this can be challenging since not all types of causation are equal in the eyes of the law.

However, this is one of the most essential steps in a negligence case as it will demonstrate that it was the defendant’s actions that caused your injuries or harm. Once established, your lawyer can translate all types of harm suffered into an amount that can be awarded as compensation.

Money from this fund can be used for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of normal life and any other losses caused by the incident. Typically, this money also covers your attorney’s fees and costs associated with representation.

What Happened to the Vehicles?

When vehicles were taken from garages, they were damaged but not totaled. Insurance companies usually take care of repairs before selling them off to junkyards or salvage auctions; this is how most damaged cars are handled in the aftermath of a hurricane. Unfortunately, there are still approximately one million cars that were severely damaged by Sandy; some beyond repair. NPR’s Sonari Glinton examines what happens to these cars once they become unroad-legal again.

Listen to the full segment here and for more information about Hurricane Harvey, you can visit GEICO’s website. GEICO is an insurance and financial services brand headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina that offers auto, home, business and life coverage through more than 20,000 local agencies around the world.

Eyebrowgate What Happened Between Kylie Jenner And Selena Gomez That Led T

Eyebrowgate: What Happened Between Kylie Jenner And Selena Gomez That Led T?

After Kylie Jenner overtook Selena Gomez as the most followed woman on Instagram, the two social media mavens got into an heated argument. It all started when Gomez posted a video to TikTok showing off her eyebrow makeup.

After some time had passed, Jenner posted a selfie with the caption, “this was an accident?” right above her own eyebrows. Many fans believed she had shaded Gomez.

What Happened?

Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez’s feud over their eyebrows has recently made headlines. Rumors swirl that Kylie may have shaded Selena in an Instagram post which sparked a furious response from fans.

On Tuesday, Jenner shared a screenshot of a FaceTime call she had with Hailey Bieber that focused on their eyebrows. Accompanying it was a selfie captioned “this was an accident????.”

Jenner denied her post was related to their feud, but many fans assumed she was making a dig at Gomez who has since overtaken her in terms of Instagram followers. At the time, Jenner boasted 380 million followers while Gomez has 381 million.

On Wednesday, the former Wizards of Waverly Place star overtook Kylie and claimed her spot as the most-followed woman on Instagram for a second time. It is believed that Jenner was mocking Gomez’s eyebrows due to their similarity to her own.

However, the actress quickly clarified her statement and claimed her crown back. In the comment section of her post, Kylie wrote “I’m a fan of Kylie,” adding that both posts were unconnected.

Despite her retractions, the actress remains active on social media to defend her friend and dispel any accusations of a feud. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, she can be seen appearing in several TikTok videos that address the “mean girl” drama between Jenner and Hailey.

On Wednesday, Jenner and Hailey can be seen standing up for their friend Taylor Swift in a TikTok video that surfaced again. In it, someone anonymously criticizes Jenner and Hailey as being “mean girls.”

In response to this post, Selena has taken to both Instagram and TikTok to express her thoughts on the alleged feud. In one TikTok comment, Selena simply writes “I love you,” while another displays a heart emoji in affection.

Jenner and Kendall have a longstanding friendship, though it hasn’t been seen with them recently. Although both sisters adore her, Kendall and Kylie are glad she no longer wants to be friends with them due to what they perceive as her toxic distraction.

Jenner’s Instagram Post

Kylie Jenner recently donned an edgy makeup look featuring bleached eyebrows. To show her support, she took a selfie in the back of her car to share the pic which quickly went viral and garnered her plenty of attention.

Jenner has long been known for her signature brow-filled glam look, but it was her latest look that caused the most controversy. Fans speculated that Jenner may have shaded Selena Gomez with this post as they have long been linked in rumor to having an ongoing feud between them.

PEOPLE’s sources confirm that the Instagram star wasn’t disparaging Gomez or anyone else when she posted the pic. Rather, she was simply showing off her gorgeous eyebrows to her millions of followers.

Jenner shared a makeup-inspired Instagram caption that read, “Future moms will love this!” As if that weren’t enough, Jenner also shared an Instagram video chatting about her favorite cosmetics brand and sharing some of her favorite colors and what she’s working on in the lab. In it, she even shares tips about mixing her own pigments to create beautiful shades.

Jenner’s post quickly went viral, prompting many to voice their opinions. In response, Instagram’s actual CEO Adam Mosseri issued a statement to users addressing their worries.

Mosseri has been trying to push Instagram into TikTok territory, which is a Chinese-owned short form video app that’s becoming increasingly popular among both teenagers and adults. This isn’t the first time Instagram has tried to compete with TikTok; last month the platform unveiled Reels – an almost exact copy of TikTok that automatically turns most videos posted to Instagram into Reels.

But this is the first time Apple has issued a public response to criticism from celebrities like Jenner and Kardashian, who boast 686 million followers between them. Even Kim Kardashian herself has joined in on the conversation by writing, “PLEASEEEEE,” alongside an image on her own Instagram Stories.

Gomez’s TikTok Post

On Wednesday, Selena Gomez boasted 381 million followers on Instagram – making her the most followed woman in the platform. Shortly after Gomez posted a TikTok video about over-laminating her eyebrows, Kylie Jenner joined in the conversation by posting a screenshot from a FaceTime call she had with Hailey Bieber where they were both focused on their eyebrows.

After Jenner posted, fans quickly confused her two accounts and thought she was mocking Gomez’s TikTok video about her eyebrows. Fortunately, both stars quickly denied any such intention.

After Kylie posted, fans speculated she was throwing subliminal shade at Gomez by sharing a selfie with the caption, “this was an accident?” right on top of her own eyebrows. Later on, a screenshot of her FaceTime call with Hailey followed, featuring both women zoomed-in on their respective brows as well.

Although they’ve always denied any bad blood between them, their fans have relentlessly teased them over the years. Last year however, they appeared to put an end to these persistent feud rumors by posing together for photos at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures’ second annual gala.

Last month, a fan posted a TikTok of the two women together, sparking speculation that their feud might be returning. It was then that Gomez took a social media break from her platform of choice and it appears her issues have reached their zenith.

Internet observers have noted that this comes just after Kylie Jenner appeared to direct some serious criticism at Gomez in a TikTok post featuring Kendall Jenner. Here, the two women were apparently responding to body-shaming comments Gomez received after paparazzi images of her wearing a bathing suit were shared on Instagram.

This new development in the feud between Gomez and Bieber has many wondering what role Kylie will play going forward, even though Gomez has repeatedly stated there is no drama between them. It appears that eventually they’ll need to work through their differences one way or another.

Bieber’s Instagram Post

On Monday, Justin Bieber took to Instagram to give an honest update on his life. He spoke candidly about his struggles with mental health and how he and Hailey Baldwin have dealt with it together. Additionally, Justin disclosed his recent decision to take a break from music.

In June and July of 2017, singer Sam Smith had to cancel several shows on his Justice World Tour due to Ramsay Hunt Syndrome affecting a nerve in his ear. Through an Instagram message, he expressed gratitude for all of his fans’ support and promised that he would be back on the road soon enough.

In addition to his emotional Instagram post, Bieber also shared several other photos of himself. One photo showed him and his wife in black-and-white that had many Beliebers puzzled due to its caption: “Mom and dad.”

He did not elaborate on the meaning behind this caption, but later posted another black-and-white photo with Hailey and another mysterious caption that left many Beliebers puzzled as to its significance.

In addition to the caption, this image featured Justin and Hailey Bieber enjoying a family vacation photo op on a beach. It’s an iconic family snapshot that displays their love and commitment to one another.

Justin Bieber’s fans know how much he adores his wife Hailey Baldwin. The singer has been open about their relationship, even releasing a YouTube documentary to showcase them together.

It’s evident that he and Hailey enjoy spending time together, so it’s no shock that he posts plenty of pictures of them online. After getting married in 2018, it’s evident they are content with their new marriage.

He doesn’t usually caption his photos, but he is generous in sharing Hailey Bieber’s Instagram posts. She is an incredible dancer and Bieber takes time out of his busy schedule to showcase her talent with his 140.9 million followers.

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