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@JackPosobiec, a Trump Favorite and Host of One America News Network, Promotes Fake News on Twitter 2023


jack posobiec twitter

@JackPosobiec, a Trump Favorite and Host of One America News Network, Promotes Fake News on Twitter

@JackPosobiec, a Trump Favorite and Host of One America News Network, Promotes Fake News on Twitter 2023: Jack Posobiec is a right-wing political activist who has recently gained notoriety. His large following on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram demonstrate his influence.

He is well known for spreading false news campaigns, such as the conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton was running a child sex dungeon out of a Washington DC restaurant. Additionally, he spread the notion that Seth Rich was murdered due to WikiLeaks releases.

Jack Posobiec Twitter Profile

Posobiec, a former naval intelligence officer, has become an influential voice on Twitter for spreading right-wing conspiracy theories. His posts often include manufactured conspiracies, propaganda videos and direct-to-camera livestreams.

His Twitter bio lists his affiliations with the far-right movement, such as his work with Canada’s right-wing media outlet The Rebel. Furthermore, he promotes videos produced by conservative activist group Project Veritas.

Posobiec was born and raised in Norristown, Pennsylvania to a family of Polish descent. He attended Kennedy-Kenrick Catholic High School before going on to Temple University, where he joined the College Republicans club.

In 2016, as Donald Trump’s presidential campaign neared its conclusion, Posobiec began spreading conspiracy theories on social media – most notably “Pizzagate”, a false charge that Clinton campaign officials were running a child sex ring out of a Washington D.C. pizza restaurant’s basement.

Twitter verified Posobiec’s account in April 2017, awarding him with a blue check mark – usually reserved for journalists and public figures – which gave him instant credibility on a platform where extremists and liars are frequently visible. That decision gave Posobiec an air of legitimacy and allowed him to have a voice on what has become increasingly polarizing platforms such as Twitter.

Posobiec’s tweets are unusual for a verified user, yet SPLC’s Hatewatch has revealed that he is an enthusiastic supporter of Southfront website – an online forum promoting extreme views on Islam, Russia and other topics. He shared its links 28 times between November 2019 and August 2020.

His connections to the neo-Nazi movement are extensive. In 2017, while working for The Rebel magazine, he filmed a propaganda video with brothers Jeffrey and Edward Clark of the Neo Nazi party. Additionally, he attended an event sponsored by SPLC’s Hatewatch that was filled with white nationalists and neo-Nazis alike.

He has championed the misogynistic book Sanction and taunted pro-abortion activists with images from the television show The Handmaid’s Tale, featuring women owned by a Christian fundamentalist totalitarian government. Additionally, he has joined Turning Point USA, an extreme right youth organization which employs Adam Hageman – a credibly accused pedophile.

Posobiec was a reporter for OAN News (One America Network) from 2016 until 2021. He left the station to partner with Turning Point USA, an organization which promotes hard-right views and targets children up through college age. Additionally, Posobiec has written for various publications such as National Review.

Jack Posobiec Twitter Bio

Jack Posobiec, a far-right commentator, is known for his pro-Trump tweets on Twitter and promotion of fake news stories, such as Pizzagate which debunked claims that high-ranking Democratic Party officials were involved in child sex rings. Additionally, he has collaborated with white supremacists, neo-fascists and antisemites for years, producing propaganda which President Trump and his inner circle have publicly embraced, according to an investigation.

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch initiative launched a series of investigations into One America News Network (OANN) host Jack Posobiec, who has collaborated with white supremacists, far-right neo-fascists, and antisemites for years while creating propaganda which President Trump and his inner circle have publicly celebrated. The first two installments of the Hatewatch series expose how Posobiec has used social media to spread antisemitic hate and disinformation as well as how convicted felon Roger Stone helped Donald Trump win the presidential election in 2016.

Posobiec’s Twitter account has a disturbing history of disclosing personal information about those he criticizes. In November 2017, for instance, he doxxed a woman who claimed Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore had sexually assaulted her when she was fourteen. Posobiec posted the woman’s name, address and phone number on his account despite Twitter claiming he had breached its terms of service by publishing private details.

Another egregious example of Posobiec’s behavior was his repeated promotion on Twitter of an apparently fake story that suggested bombs had been planted near the Korean War memorial in Washington, D.C. months before a white vigilante was accused of killing two people in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Although this tweet was removed by Twitter shortly thereafter, Posobiec’s account had gained over 1.5 million followers.

Posobiec’s Twitter bio states he is a “Reserve Intelligence Officer” in the Navy. He serves with Joint Reserve Intelligence Support Element Dekalb, which is part of Office of Naval Intelligence’s Naval Maritime Intelligence Center in Washington D.C.

His career in the Navy began when he joined the reserves in March 2014 and completed his last deployment in March 2017. In 2017, he left that position due to a toxic work environment and growing political activism. He has been an influential contributor on Steve Bannon’s podcast and is well-known among right-wing circles with over 1.5 million Twitter followers.

Jack Posobiec Twitter Followers

According to a report released by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Jack Posobiec – host of One America News Network and Trump supporter – has actively collaborated with white supremacists and neo-Nazis for years. Furthermore, Trump and his team have openly celebrated such propaganda produced by Posobiec, according to SPLC findings.

Posobiec tweeted a highly disputed article frequently utilized by Russian propagandists that claimed the 2014 sniper shootings of Maidan protesters were the result of “false flag operations” carried out by Ukrainian opposition groups instead of security forces under pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych. Furthermore, he promoted a book written by Russian neo-Nazi Aleksandr Dugin that outlines how to undermine American democracy through inflaming racial tension and chaos through political sabotage and disinformation campaigns.

As part of his work for OANN, Posobiec promoted the Pizzagate conspiracy theory which falsely suggested Hillary Clinton and her aides were running a child pedophile ring out of a Washington pizza parlor. He later spread another falsehood: that someone entered an Alexandria pizza shop with a rifle and killed three people.

Ultimately, it was revealed to be a false report. Nonetheless, Posobiec insisted that left-wing rhetoric had caused the Alexandria attack.

Posobiec also promoted on Twitter an unfounded story about bombs allegedly planted near the Korean War memorial in Washington, D.C. in June. Additionally, Posobiec used Twitter to amplify white vigilante responses to Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

On a related note, Posobiec was accused of using Twitter to target Jewish reporters and media figures with antisemitic hate at least three times. Furthermore, he has joined an organization called Turning Point USA that targets children for far right brainwashing.

Posobiec’s Twitter account boasts more than one million followers. Recently Social Forensics conducted some investigation and discovered hundreds of thousands of fake Followers shared by Posobiec with Mike Cernovich. While most are from Russia, they do include a variety of nationalities and countries. These fake followers have been following Posobiec since his account started in 2016.

Jack Posobiec Twitter Posts

Jack Posobiec boasts an impressive number of followers on Twitter, which can be an effective platform to spread information. Unfortunately, he also frequently spreads false and misleading data through the platform.

Posobiec has made a career out of being an activist for politics. He collaborated with convicted felon Roger Stone to promote Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016.

Posobiec’s campaign to spread conspiracy theories has included tweeting fake news articles. Some have been inspired by Russian neo-fascist literature. He also uses Twitter to promote SouthFront – a Russian-language disinformation website.

This site promotes white supremacist content and is supported by Russian military intelligence. Additionally, it targets children (kindergarten through college age) for far-right brainwashing.

Posobiec’s tweets have become viral due to automation, yet his bio and number of Followers allow you to identify him as a real person.

Some of Posobiec’s most popular Twitter posts involve conspiracy theories about the death of Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich and the 2016 election. He also promoted Pizzagate, which claimed Hillary Clinton’s emails had been compromised by hackers working out of a Washington D.C. pizzeria’s basement, among other places.

He has also used Twitter to spread antisemitic conspiracy theories about high-ranking government officials. Furthermore, he has specifically targeted Jewish reporters and media figures with antisemitic hate at least three times.

He cited a story about the death of a Jewish reporter as proof that Jews are not welcome in America. Additionally, he has decried coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Russia’s alleged role in hacking into Democratic National Committee email server.

Posobiec has also spread false reports that Ukrainians were bombing a theater in Mariupol, even though most reliable reporting said the attack was carried out by Russian forces. He further spreads the notion that Ukraine’s Foreign Legion is taking a break from volunteer recruitment due to a lack of firearms and experience.

Posobiec continues to utilize Twitter even though his tweets have been removed from his account. He frequently promotes white vigilante responses to Black Lives Matter protests and other far-right events, often echoing the 1488 meme used to demonstrate solidarity with white supremacists.

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